iPhone iPod Sleep Timer Found

The iPod app in the iPhone does have a sleep timer, it turns out. It’s just that it’s so well hidden that I’d never have found it without clues from elsewhere.

To set an iPod sleep timer:

  1. Enter the Clock application
  2. Tap Timer in the bottom right-hand corner
  3. Set a time using the odometer thing
  4. In the ‘When Timer Ends’ menu, instead of an alarm sound, select ‘Sleep iPod’
  5. Tap Start.

I had looked in the timer section of the clock app before — on the iPod, sleep timers are also set through the Clock menu item — but because I hadn’t explored the alarm-tone picker, I hadn’t spotted the ‘Sleep iPod’ option. Silly me, thinking that a menu wouldn’t logically contain 23 options all meaning ‘make noise’ and one option meaning ‘stop making noise’.

Note that you cannot tell the iPod to start playing at a certain time. Though the Alarm function of the clock allows you to be awakened by any one of Apple’s canned ringtones, it won’t let you pick one of your own songs as the alarm sound.


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  1. Palaniappan,

    Thanks. I was searching for it.

  2. ddpxl,

    Thanks ! :D

    i usually listen to podcasts to fall asleep. you saved me listening to them all night long :)

    did you find out how to make the songnames smaller ? most of the podcasts i have have long names ..

  3. amaan,

    Yo!! That’s crazy. I was looking for an application to do this and now I realize its right thrre in timer. Thanks a lot, I don’t have to listen to the songs all night long all the way up till the morning.

  4. Jeff,

    Thanks for the tip. I would never have found it on my own.

  5. Chris,

    thanks a lot, i couldn’t have gotten this on my own!

  6. ASSeeger,

    That’s cool, your blog and google just helped me out here. Now I can go to bed with an iPhone Sleeptimer


  7. harish,

    I bought a 8gb phone and got it replaced coz the screen went blank in the middle of calls or even if i moved a bit while in the tube

    With the new handset i am facing the same problem. Is it a standby setting issue?

  8. matthias,

    YAY! Thanks for the tip.

  9. woooohooooooooooooooooo, thanks SO MUCH for this! (dancing)

  10. alan,

    thanks so very very very much, been looking for months for this, aslways saying to me sen there must be 1 in htere, and yet it is but even tho ive used the timer for cooking etc, never seen the sleep ipod at the very top of the list, loving my iphone that bit extra now, YYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ElectricWojo,

    Thanks! I love listening to Pandora at night, but I hate draining the battery before my alarm goes off! I just set the timer for one hour then launch Pandora.

    Great tip!

  12. Florian,

    Thanks for the tip! I wouldn’t have found it!

  13. Paul,

    Thanks for this – I found it via Google, when I was searching for an app to do it!

  14. Darlene,

    U rock! I just KNEW this had to b a builtin but couldn’t find it on my own. Google+your post=success. Thanks SO much!

  15. Rich,

    Thanks a lot. Now of I could wake up to iTunes, I would be really happy.

  16. alek,

    COOOL!! i wonder how long this option is in the timer menue. till now i was always modifying my playlists to end after 20 minutes.. THANKS FOR THAT it was hidden very well.

  17. Morag,

    Same thibg happened when I got my new ipod a year ago… Couldn’t find the friggin sleep timer anywhere! The guy at the apple store found it for me that time! Thanks, your article is at the top of the google results.

  18. Doug,

    Thank you so much! That’s been bugging me for weeks! You rock.

  19. Veronica,

    «Thanks for this – I found it via Google, when I was searching for an app to do it!

    Comment by Paul 07.04.09 @ 12:14»

    Me too! Thank you so much.

  20. Ag,

    Thanks! Helped solve a long time nagging problem.

  21. Stephanie Marshall,

    Thanks! Love listening to Audible.com books as I go to sleep, but without the timer, there wasn’t much point since I’d be sleeping through eight hours of the book. Now I set the timer to 10 or 15 minutes and “Voilà!”

  22. Birschit,

    thank you so much. it is such a relieve that this exists! I owe you. Birschit.

  23. Drew,

    actually you can wake up to your own songs.

    sort of… what i mean is, all you have to do is make one of your songs a ringtone and set that as your wake up alarm, i know, you already know this but… (heres the good part) you can make any of your songs a ringtone for free! its actually really simple. you only need itunes to do it too. no downloads or apps or reprograming, you dont even need to be jailbroken. just your normal iphone and itunes (dont know about other ipods cause i dont own any). just go to this site below. its all explained there


    sorry, you cant listen to an album or any length of songs, but thats ok considering that the average time to hear an alarm, wake up, and turn it off is around 15 sec or so. my alarm is the first 30 sec of Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”. i also use The Beatles “Blackbird”

  24. Wendy,

    Do people ever read the manuals that come with their gear?

  25. spikeyguy,

    LOL and I thought this would be intuitive. I would NEVER have thought to look OUTSIDE of the iPod menus for this.

    You rock for this. I have been turning it off in the morning after draining some battery or at 3am…

    C’mon Apple, Lets put this in an iPod menu. Yours truly, Captain Obvious

  26. LeoK,

    you are a GENIUS! looking for something like this

  27. Huwco,

    I haven’t slept for 643 consecutive nights due to having to listen to all the songs on my phone whilst in bed as I couldn’t find a sleep function – looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight – U R A HERO !!!!!!!

  28. Zoe,

    Wow, thanks for the tip! And by the way Wendy, iPhone 4′s don’t come with a manual!! Nothing!! They don’t even tell u that u need iTunes for your phone to even work. I’m so glad I googled this question, after only 10 mins I now know the key to nodding off piecefully but still being able to hear my baby after a while….thanku so much!

  29. Riky-am,

    Thanks for that mate, u r a ledge! the best iPod tip ever! Can’t understand *pple would hide it so deep?! I can now finally fall asleep to my music :)

  30. Jordi,

    Thanks a lot. I’ll sleep much much better now!

  31. Woohoow!!! I have a lot of audiobooks and its Nice to listen them while falling asleep. I was searching Google for an app to do this, but this is even better!!!!!

  32. Jess,

    Great tip, thanks so much! I wonder why such a useful function is so hard to find… Very strange. But you’ve done well in finding it and sharing it with the rest of us :)

  33. Robin,

    Your are a genius !!! Thanks

  34. Azhar Kamar,

    This is really helpful! Was searching high and low in Cydia when it can actually be done using the Clock app. Thanks!

  35. Mel,

    Thanks! So helpful I would’ve never figured that out on my own :)

  36. Simon,

    Thanks a million. You are a saviour. Incidentally, I prefer listening to Internet radio such as AccuRadio for which I have downloaded their app. And your timer idea works here too !! Now if only it can wake to the same station………

  37. Jochen,

    Great! Thank you so much. It’s a shame for Apple to hide this function like this!!

  38. Sparky,

    Wow, its rediculas the amount of epic fails apple has made with the iPhone just because they are releasing them to quickly to try to keep up with the times. But thank you I haven’t found it after almost 2 years of having this thing, hahaha

  39. Amy,

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!! I know I’m 4 years later than you but I’ve been looking for this for ages!!!

  40. Mattias,

    thanks mate! was looking through both appstore and cydia for an app to do this and one google search brought me here:) awsome tip from you but bad programming from apple… should’t be that hard to find or figuring out:/

  41. Karen,

    Yay… this will be sooo helpful. I too had looked for this sleep function for so long. Could I be ever so hopeful to think there might be a function that closes down the whole iphone?

  42. wayne,

    Check out Music Sleep Timer in the app store. Its the same thing as the built in timer but it sleeps ALL music players!

  43. Dominica,

    Thank you so much! Guy at the apple store couldn’t find it for me and just figured they had left it off iPhone! That didn’t make sense to me but they sure hid it well!

  44. Ah,

    I never actually leave comments on stuff like this but I reAlly love that you posted this!!! Thanks for sharing the love!!!! Woohoo now my battery can be spared!

  45. Lisa,

    Wow. I NEVER would have found that! Thanks so much x

  46. Hugo,

    With Siri, just say: -Set sleep timer for 30 minutes.